Dedicated to helping parents, Multivitamins for Kids was established in 2016 after founder Angela Freedman experienced her own challenges with her three children. She experienced the difficulty of keeping a healthy vitamin intake for her children, and turned to supplements for children.

Since then, the business was founded to share her understanding of how best to use multivitamins to aid in children’s energy intake, and to provide advice on which vitamin is the best choice.

Multivitamins are an excellent way to administer the extra dose of nutrition that children require to develop. It is very difficult to balance a healthy diet, especially when children develop fussy eating habits or have specialty dietary requirements, like lactose free and celiac disease.

When multivitamins are consumed, they provide an extra kick to your child’s immune system, delivering all the good nutrition they deserve. Balance is the key, and multivitamins are the perfect way to achieve this and help your kids.

Supercharge your kids diet with Multivitamins for Kids today!

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  1. Such a great idea for a website! I didn’t eat healthy at all as a kid but I did have Flintstones multivitamins so I’m thankful for that.
    What kind of gummies did you give your kids that they loved? I know some kinds are kind of tough or have not-so-good flavors so I’m curious to know.

    • Thank you for the comment. Giving your child a vitamin is a great way to keep them healthy. I found natures way multi gummies were easy for the kids to eat and came in a delicious flavour.

  2. I like your site. Kids health is a constant concern. With the advertising aimed at children, nutrition is secondary to the money that can be made.
    Keep up the good work in a needed field.

  3. Norma Reynolds says:

    As a grandmother of 7, I have found vitamin supplements for children are beneficial on occasions, when they have colds etc. it helps their immune system fight their ills. Keeping the immune system strong is the key to fighting off ills and vitamin supplements will help with that.

  4. Hi Norma, It is important to keep kids immune system balanced. Having a good immune system will prevent long lasting sickness. Good on you for having 7 grandkids, you must be a very proud grandmother.

  5. Hello Angela,

    I’m Attila and I thank you to send me the link of your website !

    It is a very professional site filled with god advice for young and older parents for children with several health problems.

    You give also goog advice on preventing further complications in the topic food supplements.

    Several diets are displayed aswel !

    A direct but familiar aproach with your blog where every interested person can give a comment and ask a question and will be replied !

    My total impression is good it inspires confidence !

    The main purpose is that we know also in wich business we are involved and have a good future interaction !

    My website’s link is:


    It was a pleasure to write a comment !

    Greets Attila

    • Hi Attila, what a great name. It was so nice of you to come to my site and thanks for the comment. I like the way you looked at my site in a different angle, you noticed that I am here to help people and parents. I enjoyed reading your comment and you’re welcomed back at any time. If you have any question, I’ll be right there.


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