Here at Multivitamins for Kids, we help parents understand and choose the best multivitamins for their children.

We assist in helping you choose the perfect multivitamin for your child’s specific needs. No matter your child’s dietary needs, contact us today to discuss the wide range of benefits your family can experience from vitamin supplements today.

Nature’s Way is highly regarded for delivering high-quality products with precisely the right ingredients in each supplement. Their focus is helping people everywhere live healthier, happier lifestyles through balancing their diet and vitamin intake. Offering a range of products, Nature’s Way has mastered multivitamins for kids, offering products that are packed full of suitable vitamins and minerals for kids.

Here at Multivitamins for Kids, we are highly familiar with Nature’s Way’s full range of products, especially to help kids, and can direct you straight to where the best products are.

Below contains a detailed analysis of our most popular products, all from Nature’s Way.

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Nature’s way

Nature’s way has a good reputation and highly regarded for delivering quality products. It’s not just one of the most reputable products on the market, it is specialized in having the right amount of ingredients in each supplement.

Product: Nature’s Way Kids smart vita gummies Vitamin C + Zinc


Rating: 9.5 – 10

Best place to buy: ebay

Kids smart vita gummies Vitamin C and Zinc help:-

  • Immune, health and well-being.
  • Are packed with antioxidant and protects the immune system.
  • Prevents cold like symptoms
  • And it has a delicious burst of citrus flavours

Kids smart gummies vitamin C and Zinc are delicious for kids and easy to take. Formulated to assist in immunity for immune, health and well-being. Vitamin C and Zinc combined with each other offer a powerful antioxidant which helps support normal immune responses.

Children 2+ years   Give two pastilles per day,  or only advised by your healthcare professional

Not suitable for under 2



Product: Nature’s Way Kids smart vita gummies Multi Vitamin for Fussy Eaters 60 pastilles

Price: $12.49

Rating: 9.5 – 10

Best place to buy: ebay

Kids smart fussy eaters:-

  • Has been formulated with essential vitamins and minerals
  • It has a selection of veggies
  • Zinc to help boost appetite
  • Easy chewable gummies

Kids smart fussy eaters are jammed packed with essential vitamins, minerals, veggies and Zinc to help appetite. If your child is a fussy eater they may be short in essential nutrients. With the added veggies it will assist in the nutritional gap. Delicious raspberry flavour gummies, with B3, B12, C and D vitamins.

2-3 years     Give one gummies per day

4+ years        Give two gummies per day

Not suitable for under 2 years old.

Only advised by your healthcare professional



Product: Nature’s Way Kids smart Vita Gummies Omega 3 – fish oil

Price: 12.49

Rating: 9.5 – 10

Best place to buy: ebay

Kids smart omega-3 Fish oil help:

  • Brain, eyes and behaviour
  • supports healthy brain development
  • Packed with omega-3
  • High in DHA
  • Delicious tasting

Kids smart omega 3 fish oil burst lets have three delicious flavours – strawberry, lemon and cherry. With no fishy smell or taste. The body can’t produce omega 3 so we have to get it from our diet or supplements. Omega 3 fatty acids support healthy brain development and can control behaviour in children. It’s an important nutrient for growing children.

Children 2+   Give 2 gummies per day.

Only advised by your healthcare professional.


Product: Nature’s Way Bright kids gummies – DHA learning

Price: $16.49

Rating: 9-10

Best place to buy: ebay

Advantage DHA learning:

  • supports healthy brain development
  • helps sleep behaviour
  • extra boost of Omega 3
  • Delicious orange flavour

Kids DHA learning is essential for brain development to help kids concentrate. It provides two omega-3 fatty acids- docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) which our body can’t produce, so you need to get that from food or a good quality supplement. It’s been proven to assist in undeveloped children with reading and behaviour problems.


Product:Nature’s Way Kids smart calcium + vitamin D

Price: $9.49

Rating: 9.5-10

Best place to buy: ebay

Kids smart calcium and vitamin D:

  • Produces healthy bones, teeth and muscles
  • boost immunity
  • Vitamin D3 helps skeletal growth
  • Delicious vanilla flavour

Kids smart gummies calcium and vitamin D are a soft vanilla flavour.  Vita gummies calcium+vitamin D are delicious and easy to chew, It helps kids to get their daily intake. Calcium is one of the most important minerals for growing kids and to support bone growth,  muscles and teeth. Vitamin D enhances calcium absorption form food, it will focus on a healthy immune system.

Not suitable for children 2 years under.

2-8 years Give 2 gummies daily (only advised by your medical professional).

9-11 years Give 3  gummies daily.


Product: Nature’s Way Kids smart gummies – cold and flu

Price: $9.72

Rating: 9-10

Best place to buy: ebay

Kids smart cold and flu help:

  • supports a healthy immune system
  • Vitamin C, Zinc and Honey added to help fight colds
  • high in antioxidants

Kids smart gummies – cold and flu are a delicious berry flavour. With the vitamin c added it will boost their immunity and fight off those nasty sniffles.

Still, unsure which product will best suit your child? Contact us today and we’ll suggest where to find the best multivitamins for your household.

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  1. My kids are very picky eaters, I have considered giving them vitamin supplements because I know they aren’t getting what they need in the food they eat daily. You provided a good list of options for me to choose from. I never heard of Nature’s Way, it might be worth giving them a try, thanks.

    • Thanks for your comment Shelly. Nature’s Way have one of the best ratings for kids multivitamins, They are in the top ten in vitamin supplements. You might want to consider a supplement if you think your child is lacking any type of vitamin.

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